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build_largeStreamlining Operations

Across the organisation every department should be conscious of the transactional process flow and empowered to respond appropriately. For instance, once a sales order is received, every connected department is automatically informed to plan or act accordingly.  Management decisions are thus driven by real-time integrated system and not by unstructured paperwork. This way, businesses gain full control and can effectively track inflows and outflows.


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Turnaround offers business integration through leading technology products such as Sage, Zoho & Attache; matching scale and needs of your business.

sage-logoSage X3: Sage ERP X3 is an easy to use, cost effective and rapid to implement, dedicated ERP solution used by more than 4,000 mid-size businesses worldwide.

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Sage 300: Sage 300 ERP is the most comprehensive financial suite by Sage for mid-sized and smaller businesses looking to connect all operations enterprise-wide and access intelligent insight that drives global growth and profitability.

zoho-logo ZOHO: Automate business processes, manage data, and make your work easier with custom applications.

attache-logo Attach’e: The Attaché BI Complete System combines Accounting, Payroll and CRM for real-time management across the entire business.

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