Industry Verticals

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Agriculture Industry

Agricultural industries contend with extremes of climate, distance and labour shortage. Resources are under stress and cost escalates with production wastage and competitive pressures. TSG solutions are aimed to help agri-businesses innovate, optimise production and deliver quality produce, leading to higher returns.

Fruits & Vegetable Industry

Optimize Farm to Store Supply Chain

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetable business demands a fine balance of resource/cost constraints, minimal crop loss, enhanced business visibility/ product traceability and efficient logistics/accounting process to ensure fresh produce at the market. TSG expertise offers you appropriate technology, to manage all these processes at every stage of the growing to delivery cycle.

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Vineyards Industry

Streamline your Vineyard to Wine Maker Process


Winemaking is an art and a science. Maintaining consistency in taste and quality is key to making fine wines. TSG expertise and technology combine to help you take control of all vineyard related processes to optimise resources – labour and capital. TSG solutions infuse consistency with predictability into vineyards and winemaking operations, to improve quality and business profitability.

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