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web-appsMobile Sales & Merchandising

If your business operates in a sales-intensive marketplace and is looking to leverage digital to automate sales, you will need an agile and intuitive Mobile Sales & Merchandising solution.


arrow_icon Automate order to collection cycle
arrow_icon Effect quick orders
arrow_icon Process transactions in real-time
arrow_icon Ensure in-store merchandise display compliance
arrow_icon On-the-go track damaged merchandise
arrow_icon Swift import of sales data to Financial System
arrow_icon Send intuitive sales call reports

TSG offers a best-in-class mobile solution, which automates and arms field sales to accelerate sales and drive higher topline growth.

Enabling Convenience

With a view to bridge productivity whitespaces, Turnaround develops unique web applications and simple-UI based mobile apps to create rich user experiences. These involve customization of hard-coded applications to overcome business bottlenecks.


arrow_icon Business keeps moving
arrow_icon Tasks get simplified and convenient

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