Developing and sustaining competitive organisations
When managing today’s organisations, the management has to contend with unpredictable economic situations, transforming markets, emerging technologies and changing work culture. In this environment, a dynamic business leader would work with an organisation that is intrinsically adaptive, proactive, customer conscious and vibrant.
To assist top management develop such organisations, Turnaraound works with a Refine program that enables companies to effectively achieve the fulfillment of their vision and strategies. The Refine program helps organisations to have a clear view of the future, a sense of purpose and to significantly improve the organizational effectiveness. This program has been developed through a spectrum of experiences in multiple industry sectors in developed, newly industrialising and developing economies of the world.
The purpose of this program is to enable growing organisations to enhance their competitiveness by leveraging internal strengths and utilising external factors to meet achievable business goals.
Read about the customer stories of our Refine program.
Unsure whether your organisation qualifies for the Refine program, use our proprietary Qualifier tool.
For companies experiencing stagnancy
A few characteristics
Revenues and profits consistent or dropping, but not growing
Reducing market share, due to overseas or new competition
No new products introduced in the market for long time
Looking for growth opportunities in new markets and geographies
What Turnaround can do
Benchmark company performance using proprietary tools and industry standards
Formulate long term inclusive sustainable growth strategy
Improve costing, maximise capacity utilization, product mix and profitability
Infuse capital for expansion, new business areas or increasing exports
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